Monday, 26 November 2007

Thank You Peter

Two days ago we met peter on an island in the middle of nowhere. he asked us to call him when we passed near his house. today we did and so we followed his instructions to paddle to ramena and ask for ali. Peter picked us up and arranged for us to stay in the finest hotel in diego suarez, TheGrand Hotel. He also gave us his computer to update the reports. We are very greatful of his support. we rounded the cap du nord today. lots of tide and a very different feel to the envionment with swells and amore rugged coast.
Photo Ali,Phil and Simon


Roz said...

I was soo happy to log on to the blog and see all the photos. But that beardy face better not come home. lots and pots of love. Thinking of you. Roz

Lou&Pumpkin said...

Great photos and updates boys, glad you are both having a good time and keeping out of the way of crocodiles. Pumpkin is still a pumpkin and showing no hurry to meet us all. Love, Lou x