Sunday, 11 November 2007


We have decided to set off in the morning, we spent the day buying supplies.
Amazing markets with increadibly friendly locals. We are both aprehensive so need to get started.
Its very hot and humid.


Mum & David said...

Hi Simon & Phil
By now you should have been kayaking for 2 days. Hope they were both great.
We will be following your blog closely.
Two sites to follow now yours and Caroline & Palli's who motor biking the long way down the West Coast of Afica.
You all must love the heat!!!
LOL to both
Barbara & David

Michael said...

Best of luck guys! I'll be following when I'm not out paddling in the snow here at home. Your posts ought to warm things up a bit!

Anonymous said...

Hi Simon, greetings from a frosty Cornwall. Good luck with the trip. We will be following your progress.
David & Jackie

Leila said...

Leila by ere....
your making us squeel as we lie here in bed watching surf naughty and inspiring goat boaters. I want my fill of warmth and not just from the wood burner.
Keep it up, are you tooled up with AK47s stuck on your boats over there???
frosty toe lickin love from leila x