Thursday, 29 November 2007

Latest Update
29 November 2007
Just had an update from both Simon and Phil, two seperate telephone messages which I am not sure of the date of. I left my phone in Israel and only got it back today, 17 answer phone messages along with 65 emails, perched in amongst them all was a call from the lads, first Simon telling me that they were now on the east coast, making their way down the inside of many reefs to avoid the surf. The surf isnt big and is amazingly clean, They've seen numerous Turtles and a pod of Bottle nose Dolphins, they had managed to make about 40 kilometers before landing on a deserted beach for the night.
Phils message I think was the next day, more Dolphins (not Bottle nose) more Turtles and they were trying to make as many miles as they could whilst they had such good conditions, that night they were spending the night on their own little island.
Well done guys and happy paddling!

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