Friday, 16 November 2007

Madagascar Update
Friday November 16/2007
Hi Guys, just had another update in from Phil and Simon today, they are making good progress, crossed out to an off lying island yesterday, and back to the mainland today, whether this was for interest or part of their route plan I'm not sure as some of the messages are coming through with a lot of background interferance. The weather is hot, 32 degrees at 9am, but they are gradually acclimatising to the heat and humidity. They met a local on landing back on the mainland today who gave them some sweet potatoes to supplement their diet. Karel Vissel from Israel is providing them with very good weather forcasts, so a big thankyou Karel, I hope I've spelt your name correctly. During the last couple of days they have started to see much more wildlife, including Sea Turtles and Lemurs.

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karel said...

Jeff the island looks like part of the route.