Monday, 19 November 2007

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Nosy Be

8 days of paddling and we have made it to our first resupply stop. So far the expedition has gone smoothly and the locals have been nothing but friendly and helpful. The paddling has been varied although we did manage to get board paddling past perfect white sandy beaches

After a while the coastline changed and we started to see cliffs and coves. The coast was dotted with small fishing villages consisting of a few mud huts. The heat has been our main difficulty which has taken a while to adjust to. It has become aparent straight away that we will not be able to make the full journey in our 90 day visa and so are planning to break the circumnavigation into two sections returning next year to complete.

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Roz said...

excellent to hear from you guys. Keep it up. But more photos please!!! lots of love. take care. xx roz