Thursday, 20 December 2007

Had an update from Phil today to say that they couldnt get a signal on the Sat phone yesterday but before landing they managed to buy some fresh fish from local fisherman they passed on the way in to land, so supplemented their food supplies with some good fresh protein. They stayed at a place called Foul Ponte last night and left this morning making good progress. They have now made it to an Island I think (signal was breaking up) with a lighthouse on it. The officials there were very official, asking to see their papers, which they took away and checked. When they returned Phil and Simon withdrew their secret weapon for officialdom (the bottle of Brandy they purchased a few days before) and made the officials a little less official. Both Simon and Phil sound very happy and moral seems high. They are making better progress now with the winds easing back a bit.
Just incase you lads read this, I have over the last few days spoken with Louise, Kevin, Roz, David, Helen, Eric and Gill (albeit in cyberspace) and they miss you loads, wish you both good luck, a very merry christmas and a happy new year.
Roz is off in Central America on her own adventurous travels, so anyone who is interested here is a link to her blog she is having a great time to by the sound of things.

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