Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Madagascar Surf


Spoke with Simon today, they had another good day on the water, paddling in nearly perfect conditions, they paddled back from Isle St Marie to the mainland, on a heading south west and they managed to cover 40-50 kilometers to a rather indistinct river mouth (this info is mainly for Karel who is plotting their weather for them) which had quite a lot of confused wave action in the mouth of the estuary, they wouldnt have gone close if it hadnt been for some dug out canoes coming out. So they landed, through about 2 metres of surf and set up camp for the night.

Simon and Phil are about to set off on what is probably one of the hardest stretches of coastline they'll have, endless miles of sandy beaches! sounds idyllic unless your a paddler, this means there isnt going to be a great deal of escape when it comes to the surf environment. There's a reason why Madagascar hasnt been done before guys, and this is probably going to be it, fortune favours the brave, if there's two guys who can do it, then its these two.....happy paddling lads, thoughts are with you, from both family and friends.