Friday, 7 December 2007


Recieved a call from Phil today to say that they were making progress, albeit quite slowly, due to the winds,.
Funnily enough I recieved the call whilst in London with Phils good friend Harry Whelan, who he circumnavigated Gt Britain with a couple of years ago, Phil interestingly enough said

" Jeff if you get a chance give Harry a quick kick in the B---s for me will you"

which i did of course, after all thats what friends are for at the end of the day.

Phil then went on to tell me that their daily routine had now become a daily routine of getting on the water as early as possible to avoid the strong winds, they had just replenished their stores to give them another 7 days of water and 14 days of food, on landing today they met with a lady on the beach who was digging for Turtles eggs. Anyway they are up early and paddling in the wee hours to avoid the strong sea breezes which are causing them problems.
Keep going lads, have a good lead up to the Xmas period, everyone here is thinking of you, stay safe and paddle strong.....

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