Monday, 10 December 2007

Madagascar Update
Had two updates today, one from Phil which must have come in yesterday and said that they had some more head winds to deal with as well as a bit of a nasty shore dump, they had launched early to avoid the daytime sea breezes and had to land by midday. Then Simon rang this morning to say that once more an early start had been the order for the day, but by midday the winds had not materialised and they had managed a good eight hours of paddling.
Yesterday they made it almost as far as Sambava, so Im expecting them to be there by now if not beyond. Whilst paddling today they paddled across the top of a whole school of Rays, about 15 in total which sounded pretty amazing listening to Simon describe in detail the experience. Once more dumping surf and coral reefs were to be negotiated before landing safely.

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