Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Madagascar Update
Just spoke with Simon on the phone, they are now camped on the most easterly point of the Island, up at 3.45am this morning and getting as many miles in as they can once more, but they are noticing that the winds are gradually easing a little the further south they go, this is normal conditions for this time of year apparantly. The surf isnt particulary big but due to the steepness of the beaches, what swell there is, is creating a nasty shore dump on occassions. They have managed to navigate inside of coral reefs at times which has made their progress quite interesting. They both sound happy, Simon is looking forward to seeing his young sister and they both say hi to their families and friends.

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Jean-Luc said...

Hi Phil & Simon,
Phil, we talked by email. I am the one who paddled around the masoala Peninsula with Angie (my girlfriend). Hey guys, congratulations!! I check your blog everyday! And I have to say I am a little bit jalous while sitting here and writing to you. ;-) Just wanted to drop you some line about the peninsula. When you reach Cap Est, you will be protected from the swell because of the reef. Like you allready know it's better to start early because of the wind. within the lagoon it could be difficult to find your way on some places by low tide because of the shallow water. When you are in Antsambavy you may have to paddle out in open see to reach Fampotakely because the lagoon narrows quiet a lot a between this 2 villages (we have done it this way) If the sea is not calm, and you wish to stop near Fampotakely, be ready for surf landing. No corals only sand.
If you paddle further to Ampanavoana it will be in open sea. The lagoon started again after Ampanavoana and it is then easy paddling again if no front wind! ;-)
If you stop in the bay at latitude 15°49' say hello to Nestor and his friend. If you stop in Vinanivao. Good place to get some food and rest. by Marie-Elen. Direct at the beach. simple and nice. + very good food! Before Cap Masoala there is 2 Fady places. 1. the small point at latitude 15°58.5' and the island nosy nepato. ask the locals. If the sea is calm it is worth to check the island of nosy behentona!
After Masoala it's open sea again. The further you go in the antongil bay less is the swell. but it still can have some surf landing. Rantranavoana is a nice small village.
Try to take time near the Tampolo point it's an amazing place to paddle with the strange rock formations. If you want to rest in Tampolo you HAVE TO ;-) go to the Masoala Forest Lodge and say hello to sandra and Pierre. Pierre is a sud african and Sandra a swiss they are great and knows a lot about the region and can give you a lot of infos. Pierre is also a very good sea kayaker...
I wish you all the best and good luck for the rest of the trip... Take care.